Visit our Muristan Peace Garden

Our Muristan Garden of Peace and Museum, which is attached to the new Muristan Eye Clinic in the Old City of Jerusalem has opened to the public.


Garden of Peace

Dr Michael Dan, who funded the garden, said of the opening:

'The opportunity to rebuild a thousand year-old medical clinic in Jerusalem, on its original site, according to the original vision of its founders, is a rare privilege indeed.

For over a thousand years, the Order of St John has cared for the sick and the poor, with sensitivity and with compassion, without regard to ethnicity, religion, or political ideology. These are eternal human values that can be found in every great religion of the world, and also in modern secular society. The rebuilding of this clinic, according to these principles, using literally the same stones as a thousand years ago, bears witness to the indestructible nature of human compassion.

Health and peace go hand in hand, which is why we have a peace garden right next door to this eye clinic. When we close the gaps in what are called the social determinants of health (income, education, employment, social status, and poverty), we build a foundation for peace. When we bring the best eye care in the world to the people of Jerusalem who might not otherwise have access to an eye clinic, we build peace in this city of peace. And when we bring peace to Jerusalem we bring peace to the entire world.'

If there were more people with Dr Dan's mindset the world would be a better place! Thank you for your moving words, and most generous support.

Our Garden of Peace features our beautiful Tree of Hope and its canopy of Swifts. One of our other loyal supporters Mr Peter Goltra has written a beautiful poem about our swifts, which is featured in our Garden of Peace and can be seen in the picture below.

Swift poem

Do you have a trip planned to Jerusalem this year? Please drop into our Muristan Clinic (just round the corner from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre), to experience the Garden of Peace, Tree of Hope and Museum with your own eyes! A space of tranquillity in the hustle and bustle of the Holy City, we look forwards to welcoming you. 

swift appeal

It is almost time for the real swift’s return migration to the walls of Jerusalem, and we are hoping they will be attracted by our new nest boxes which have been placed in the Peace Garden. Likewise our bronze Swift sculptures have begun to migrate their way around the world flying as far and wide as Australia and the United States. If you would like to purchase your own Swift visit our online shop.