Strategic Plan

1. Patients

Achieve the highest rates of quality and patient safety
SJEHG will continually build upon its JCI accreditation to strengthen standards and protocols on quality care and patient safety. As a leading training facility for ophthalmologists and ophthalmic nurses and provider of care, clinical quality and safety - with a ongoing emphasis on a positive patient experience - will continue to be at the core of the SJEHG’s basic principles and mission.


Expand clinical services and capacity
SJEHG has built its in-house capacity to offer both basic and highly sophisticated eye care services by qualified specialists using the latest technology. It will continually strengthen its capacity to care for common and unusual eye diseases in a planned, systematic process.


Develop a Research Unit
SJEHG’s patient population lends itself to research in the areas of epidemiology, treatment methodologies, and genetics. SJEHG will look to build its statistical research capacity to better understand disease patterns whilst publishing results of findings. This will result in improved outcomes for patients.


To increase partnership opportunities
As a tertiary eye hospital providing comprehensive sub-specialty eye care, teaching and training at all levels, and the opportunity for research, SJEHG will continue to seek partnership opportunities both in the Middle East Region and globally.

5. Reputation

 Enhance the global reputation
SJEHG is well known in the region as a centre providing high quality, comprehensive eye care services and training. We will continue to build that reputation globally through supporter focused communications to thus increase visibility, donor support and, over time, SJEHG’s brand in geographic areas of priority.

6. Gaza

 Commitment to Gaza
SJEHG has served the people of Gaza for decades with a small clinic in Gaza City.  When built, the new, modern eye hospital will offer comprehensive, sub-specialist care and training within a very challenging environment. SJEHG’s board and staff recognise these unique challenges and are committed to providing the best quality eye care and services for residents.

7. Finance

 Ensure sustainability
SJEHG is a charity reliant on 60% of its income coming from voluntary sources.  Strong governance, leadership, and a solid fundraising strategy help to strengthen SJEHG’s financial position and ensure financial resilience to sustain the future.