President Biden Visits East Jerusalem Hospitals Network

  • 08 Aug 2022

During his recent visit to Jerusalem, President Biden visited the East Jerusalem Hospital Network (EJHN). He was greeted by the six Hospitals’ Chief Executive Officers.

Dr. Ahmad Ma’ali, seized this incredibly unique opportunity and outlined the charitable work carried out by the St. John Eye Hospital Group in Jerusalem, West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  The President was exceedingly impressed to hear that the St. John Eye Hospital was the first ophthalmic Hospital established in the Middle East in 1882 and was celebrating 140th years of service this year.

In his speech President Biden emphasized the role played by the East Jerusalem Hospitals in meeting the heath care needs of its patients. He fondly spoke about the impact that great health care has both in meeting patients’ medical needs as well as giving them the drive to recover. He reflected on the care nurses gave his sons after a tragic car accident killed his wife and daughter as well as the nine and a half hour operation which saved his own life many years ago. On this, he applauded the great work of the EJHN saying, “These hospitals are the backbone of the Palestinian healthcare system. People turn to you in their moment of need.”

President Biden proudly announced that the United States is committing a $100 million to support East Jerusalem Hospitals. This will be a multiyear commitment in both resources and expertise and will mainly cover Palestinian Ministry of Health debts to the Six East Jerusalem Hospitals.

President Biden also reiterated that the United States would work with all leadership in the region to ensure that the “East Jerusalem Hospitals remain sustainable, remain available and continue to provide high quality care that the Palestinian people deserve”.