Staff Sponsorship

Staff with specialist skills in Ophthalmology are in short supply in the Palestinian territories. Most of our staff have been with us for decades, and we aim to secure funding for their salaries so we can keep them for decades to come.

Our staff is part of the wider communities that we serve and as a top employer in these communities, we create stability, economic growth, and opportunity. Our staff and their families rely on the generosity of our supporters to keep their livelihood. As an Eye Hospital, our staff range from cleaners, doctors, guards, and nurses, to administrators. All are essential to our work and help us reach patients most in need. Any funds donated to this appeal will be used to fund our all our staff salaries. This is our highest priority and needs at present. The total annual cost for all our staff is £8.8 million, £5 million of this pays for our medical staff while the remainder pays for support staff.

260 total staff across the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group.

If you are interested in sponsoring a particular member of staff, please get in touch.

Learning and professional development are key to maximising impact across all our services. We work closely with several hospitals and institutions in Israel and the UK and benefit from a cross-cultural exchange of skills and ideas which enhances our learning and teaching.

The Sir Stephen Miller School of Nursing, accredited by the University of West London, provides first-class training to students who go on to be Ophthalmic nurses in the community. We offer 8 students per year, who would otherwise have no access to further education, scholarships to complete their post-graduate nursing course. Many of these nurses go on to work for St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group while others raise the profile of our excellent training by giving back to the community through their expertise.

Donations to this appeal will help ensure we retain our best and most highly skilled staff by providing job security and professional development opportunities. Staff training and the School of Nursing ensure our staff is up to date with the latest developments in Ophthalmology and we are training the next generation of Ophthalmic nurses.