Our outreach work provides essential sight-saving and life-changing eye care to the most remote and impoverished communities in the region for free. Our outreach clinics include the Anabta Clinic, Hebron Hospital, Gaza Hospital and 2 mobile outreach vans visiting remote villages in the West Bank and Gaza. Together they serve a populate of 2.5 million people.

By protecting sight, we are safeguarding the financial and social independence of people of all ages across the West Bank and Gaza. Donations help us maintain and expand the vital work.

The costs for each of our clinics/hospitals are as follows:

Gaza, where we recently opened a second operating theatre, costs £1,325,000 annually. In 2019 over 26,000 adults and 6600 children were treated at our Gaza Hospital. We also run a mobile outreach programme in Gaza.

Hebron Hospital costs £610,000. In 2019 we treated nearly 8000 adults and 4500 children at our Hebron hospital.

In 2019 we treated over 12,000 adults and 5600 children at our Anabta Clinic which costs £531,000 to run annually.

The West Bank Mobile Outreach Programme includes 2 vans (5 day and 4 day) costs £500,000. We experienced some funding challenges with our Mobile Outreach programme in 2019, but thanks to some very generous donors we have funded this project for 2020. Thanks to this funding we aim to reach more than the 10,000 people we treated and educate more than the 7,500 people through 201 health education sessions we conducted in 2019.