St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group has been operating for 137 years and is the only charitable provider of eye care and the main provider for Palestinians in Jerusalem.

The original site of the Eye Hospital was in the Old City of Jerusalem in Muristan. Muristan is the area where the Christian, Jewish and Muslim quarters of the Old City meet. Today our Muristan clinic serves the resident of the Old City from this original site providing walk-in access to eye care which can be crucial in saving sight. The clinic’s Peace Garden provides an oasis for patients and staff who need some respite from the bustling city. We hope that in time we can open the Peace Garden’s to tourists to learn more about our life changing work in the Holy Land.

Our Jerusalem Hospital and Muristan Clinics are historic stone buildings with beautiful gardens that require preserving and maintaining to ensure we can keep our staff and patients safe.

For 2020 we need to raise £2,000,000 for our Jerusalem Hospital facilities.

We also aim to put funds away for our financial reserves. Best practice dictates that our reserves can keep the Eye Hospital running for 6 months in case of emergency. At present we have 3 months of reserve and aim to put away 10% of all funds raised in this appeal for our financial reserves.

In 2019 we conducted over 2700 major operations on adults and over 500 on children at our Jerusalem Hospital. We reached 1225 children through our education sessions by the Muristan teams. Our outpatient department in Jerusalem treated over 33,000 adults and over 16,000 children. This is by far our largest facility and requires the most investment to keep our services available to those who need it most.