Suzana, Student Nurse 2017


“I am from Ramallah city. My father is Palestinian and my mother is Russian. I love living in Ramallah which hosts people from all over Palestine and foreign countries.

My father is a civil engineer and my mother is a nutritionist but she works as a teacher,  I have two sisters and two brothers.  Some of my relatives are in Jordan, America, Canada and Russia. My youngest sister is sick and suffers from a chronic disease. 

When I finished my high school I wasn’t sure what I should study at the university, but I knew I want to work in a health care place. My sick sister at home influenced my decision to go for nursing. She has helped me to understand the sufferings of those who are sick and helped me to realise the importance of psychological care when looking after patients.

I enrolled in Berzeit University and graduated in 2016. When I was a student at the university, I saw there was a presentation about ophthalmic nursing and blinding eye conditions in Palestine. I applied for the specialist ophthalmic nurse and was recommended by the nursing faculty, and got the scholarship.

I am really finding the course very interesting and the hospital is very supportive. The nurses’ home is fantastic and by now I have many friends at the hospital. After graduation, I like to give ophthalmic nursing care to children in the hospital and in community. 

Indeed, as an ophthalmic nurse, I am proud of myself and my classmates who could accommodate themselves in the hospital environment. My first week in the operation room (OR) was very successful. I have become aware of the sophisticated machines in the OR which seemed in the first day very complicated and I was afraid of touching any of them. I would like to thank my mentors and all staff in OR who do not hesitate to help me learn.

I've learnt how important it is for the nurse to correctly identify the patient, the correct surgery and the correct eye before the surgery - as this is where mistakes could happen. I really have got an excellent lesson in maintaining patients’ safety and caring for them."

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