Sarah, Student Nurse 2017


Sarah began her nursing training in December 2016. In her own words she describes her reasons for joining the Sir Stephen Miller School of Nursing.

“My family and I are originally from Al ‘Ubeidiya village to the east of Bethlehem city.

The name Al ‘Ubeidiya came in relation to a man called Al ‘Ubeidi Faris, who came from Shammar tribe, from the Arabian Peninsula. Al ‘Ubeidiya town dates back to 1600AD and its residents originate from the Arabian Peninsula. There are two monasteries in the village which are Ibn ‘Ubeid and Mar Saba. The Mar Saba monastery was called so in relation to St. Saba who built it in 484AD. Ibn ‘Ubeid Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery, built by St. Theodosius, in the late fifth century; he was also buried in this monastery in 520AD.  It is a place full of history, like much of Palestine.

I have always lived in Al ‘Ubeidiya village with my family. I love my small and quiet village which is also close to Jerusalem. I have this amazing family, we are four girls and two boys. My father is an independent simple man working as a bus driver, my mother is a full- time house wife.

My father has a sad story of losing his parents in the war while he was just a little kid. So, we are the only family he has. He is giving us lots of love and support in every stage of our life. We all have different characters which make us very special. I help support my family, especially my father – I want him to be proud of me as I really want to be his hero like he is mine.

I had a hard time to decide which tract I should take after graduation from the high school. I had a dream once to do what I love the most, what fits me and my personality. So, nursing was my choice, as I am a lovely simple person and like to give and help people and be active in my community. I really want to change the attitude and practice of the public about diseases and how to manage their lives. Bethlehem University’s faculty of Nursing gave me a chance to make my goals come true.

I graduated in June 2016 from Bethlehem University’s faculty of Nursing. My grandmother was treated at St John Eye Hospital for many years and was cared for by ophthalmic nurses. She also inspired me to apply for the course at St John. I have so many great hopes about becoming a specialist ophthalmic nurse.

Glaucoma is a progressive eye nerve damage and a leading cause of blindness. As I learnt, vision loss from glaucoma is irreversible.

My grandmother, a 75 years old who has a 13-month history of gradual vision loss in her right eye because of glaucoma. Medical treatment was commenced and she underwent glaucoma surgery at St John. I noticed the professionalism of St John team when I saw the teaching leaflet with my grandmother. It was in Arabic and explains glaucoma in a way that is really easy to understand.

I am happy that my grandmother vision was not totally lost. Of everyone she is the most happy for me that I have become a nurse at St John."

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Text Box: Sarah assisting in the preparation for cataract surgery.