Raneen, Student Nurse 2017


“I am from Jerusalem. My father is a trader,  my mother is housewife and I have four sisters and one brother.

We lived in Al-Ram village near Jerusalem until 2004 but we have moved to Beit Hanina inside Jerusalem because of the difficulties of commuting through Israeli checkpoints.

I am newly married  and we currently live in Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. My husband is so glad because I am now at St. John and we see my future in ophthalmic nursing. Jerusalem is very diverse and there are many places we spend our free time in. Living in Jerusalem is a gift.

I decided to study nursing for many reasons. For me, nursing is not just a job, it is a way of eliminating people's suffering. It is a humanitarian mission. 

I graduated in 2016 from Birzeit University. I did my internship in Germany for three months, two months in general operation rooms and one month in ophthalmic operation rooms. From that moment I was very interested in ophthalmic specialization.

When I returned to Jerusalem I decided to contact St. John and apply for the specialist ophthalmic nursing course. I am really excited to get the scholarship to become a specialized nurse in ophthalmic nursing and to work in an ophthalmic paediatric ward.

One case that had a particular impact upon me was when a child came into the ward who had hit himself with a toy and received an eye injury. The mother who arrived with the child was very scared – more than the child himself.

After, the child was treated and the mother was ensured, the nurse and I explained the trauma effect and the scheme of treatment. I saw how health professionals are not just there to provide medical treatment - they also need to ensure relatives and families.

In Palestine many, including me, think that any simple eye trauma might cause blindness - the mother thought that the child’s eye has gone. But St John saved his sight."

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