Hussam, Student Nurse 2017

"I was born in Jordan in 1993 but only a few years later my family underwent serious financial and social problems and we had to move back to my parents home town near Nablus. It was a hard time for the family. Eventually we adapted as Palestinian families have had to do throughout the long history of Palestinian displacements inside Palestine and across the world.

I have one sister and one brother. My father is a baker and my mother is a housewife. Some of my relatives remained in Jordan and other countries. We live simply and share all events with the people of my village.

I enrolled in An-Najah National University’s Nursing School which was my first choice. I was very convinced with nursing because I knew nursing is a profession that enables me to have my lifelong job and help people. My family was very supportive of my decision.

I graduated in 2016 from An-Najah National University was accepted for a staff nurse post in Nablus city. However, my friend Munther who graduated from the specialist ophthalmic nursing course in 2016 and was employed by St. John, contacted me and informed me about the course.  I decided to decline the job offer and apply for the course.

I was really excited to get a scholarship to become a specialized nurse. I know that through undertaking this course I will improve my future profession and contribute to eye nursing care in Palestine. None of my family objected that I declined the job and chose the ophthalmic course even though the family need me to help support them. I am very pleased with my decision.  

Nurses at St. John Eye Hospital are very well trained.  One of the most striking cases for me was when a lady fell unconscious in my first few weeks of training. The intervention from the hospital’s nursing staff was exemplary. It demonstrated to me that ophthalmic nurses remain well trained in general nursing too."