Ahmed, Student Nurse 2017


“I was born in Hungary and lived there until I was seven years old. When my family returned to Palestine we lived in Bethlehem city. The original hometown of my parents is Al-Malha, located in the heart of Jerusalem but they were deported from it during the 1948 Palestinian exodus. 

My family consists of 5 members, I am the eldest brother and I have two sisters. Both of my parents work in Jerusalem. My father works as a labourer, and my mother is a school teacher. My older sister works at a souvenir store, and the other sister is at school. My family are very proud of me.

"I have never regretted my decision to do nursing."

My first choice after high school was to study computer information systems as I have a passion for computers. However, I soon regretted my decision and decided pursue a health profession. I was so confident in my change change to nursing. So, I moved to Al-Makassed Hospital Nursing College in Jerusalem. I have never regretted my decision.

After my graduation from Al Makassed Nursing College, I was employed by Jerusalem Medical Center. I worked in the Eye Clinic which exposed me to many eye diseases and ophthalmic nursing care. I knew that St. John Eye Hospital was the only place which could help me to be a certified ophthalmic nurse. I am eager to complete the course and to hold a specialist ophthalmic nurse degree. I would like to continue provide ophthalmic nursing in primary eye clinics and provide health promotion. 

"It is the poorer patients' stories that truly impact me...  I now know why the Mobile Outreach Programme is so important in Palestine."

I see many cases every day. It is the poorer patients' stories that truly impact me. The hospital helps poor people to have free treatment but hearing their the way they live is truly heart breaking. I now know why the Mobile Outreach Programme is so important in Palestine. Old people who are poor are also visually impaired and without help they remain unable to have eye surgeries.  Nurses are the key to find poor people during taking their history. I have learned to take detailed history including the social history. Nursing is my long life profession and I am always eager to progress."

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