• 16 Sep 2019

Mohammad is an elderly man from Ajah village near Jenin city. His vision has been declining for several years which meant he could no longer live independently, a situation both he and his family found incredibly frustrating.

He stopped doing the things he loved and was fearful of travelling anywhere outside of his village without asking for help.

Thankfully our Mobile Outreach team visit Ajah regularly and in August 2019 Mohammad decided to attend one of our clinics. It was here he was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and diabetic retinopathy caused by poorly managed diabetes. If the latter had not been caught early it could have caused permanent damage and a myriad of other health issues.

Our team were able to refer Mohammad to our Jerusalem Hospital to receive double cataract surgery and laser treatment for his retinopathy. He will be able to attend vital maintenance sessions for his retinopathy at our Anabta Clinic (which is within his permit zone, meaning he has no need to go through a lengthy and unpredictable permit process).

Most importantly he is now able to live his life independently once again! He shares his thoughts on his experience with St John below:

St John’s mobile outreach team coming to my village was a blessing. I struggled for years with poor vision but did not seek help as it would mean having to travel to one of the big cities, which I could not do alone. Being diagnosed only a few steps from my home was incredible, I’m so thankful for the Mobile Outreach team!