Installation of medical Equipment at St. John’s Eye Hospital in Gaza, with generous support from the Japanese government

  • 01 Sep 2022

Mr. Hattori Takashi, Representative of Japan to Palestine, visited St. John’s Eye Hospital in Gaza, to celebrate the completion of a medical Equipment installation project funded by the Japanese government, through the Grassroots Grant Assistance and Humanitarian Security Program (GGP).

In his speech, Mr. Takashi emphasized Japan’s commitment to enhancing Palestinian human security and to implementing economic and social development projects that would lead to the empowerment of Palestinian communities.

The proposed project will significantly contribute to promoting the quality of life and living conditions of patients in Gaza by providing the needed interventions and treatments for different cases to assure comprehensive ophthalmic services in Gaza Strip.

The project will majorly reduce the suffering of needy patients who need advanced surgical intervention in Gaza Strip, in addition to the operating room will reduce the waiting lists for eye surgeries at St. John Eye Hospital in Gaza from 3 months to 1 and this will lead to reducing the expected eye disorders at the local community.