Matthew Teller on Jerusalem – The Nine Quarters

  • 18 Apr 2024
  • 18:30 - 21:00
  • St Wilfrid's Hall

Discover the captivating world of Jerusalem and its Nine Quarters with renowned author, travel writer and documentary maker Matthew Teller.

Date: Thursday, 18th April 2024

Time: 18:30 – 21:00

Location: St Wilfrid’s Hall, London Oratory, Brompton Road, London SW7 2RP

Delve into millennia of Jerusalem’s rich and diverse history as Teller intertwines captivating narratives with the stories of its peoples. Go beyond the city’s revered religious sites and ancient shrines and convents as the author takes us on a journey through its labyrinthine of narrow alleyways between the bustling markets, lined with restaurants, souvenir shops, tourists and guides. Teller unveils the mosaic of cultures and stories that define ordinary life in Jerusalem past and present.

Hosted by The Guild of St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, this is a unique opportunity to learn more about one of the world’s most fascinating cities while supporting the vital sight-saving work of the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.

Matthew will be signing and dedicating copies of his book, “Nine Quarters of Jerusalem”.

Tickets range from £10 – £35.

About Matthew Teller

Matthew Teller is a prolific writer and journalist, known for his work with the BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, and The Financial Times. He has also created documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and the World Service and reported extensively from the Middle East for programmes such as From Our Own Correspondent. Teller is known for his travel guides, notably the Rough Guide to Jordan, and his latest Quite Alone: Journalism from the Middle East 2008–2019, showcasing his extensive experience in the region.

Praise for

“Original and illuminating … what a good book this is” – Jonathan Dimbleby

“Highly perceptive and readable … combines millennia of Jerusalem’s history with insightful interviews with its residents” – Ian Black, Observer Book of the Week

“Engaging … Teller is an informed, enthusiastic guide to one of the most contested sites in the world” – FT

“The Old City of Jerusalem has found an inspired, imaginative, and iconoclastic biographer” – Avi Shlaim, emeritus professor at the University of Oxford and author of The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World

We look forward to seeing you there!