The Crusades: The War Against Islam - Book Launch

Muristan Peace Garden, Jerusalem

Join us for an evening celebrating is the launch of esteemed author Malcolm Billing's new book - The Crusades: The War Against Islam. The book explores the tumultuous Crusader period in Jerusalem and while addressing the contribution of flamboyant characters like Saladin and Richard the Lionheart, Billings looks at the experiences of the peasants, knights and fighting monks who took the cross for Christendom

In his lecture, Malcolm Billings will focus on the First Crusade and its outcome of almost two centuries of Christian rule in the Kingdom of Jerusalem. 1798 marked the end of the main Crusading period when Napoleon sailed into the Grand Harbour of Malta. The lecture is a tribute to Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith, the Cambridge University historian and a Knight of the Order of St John, whose scholarship changed our understanding of the history of the Crusades.

It is fitting and slightly ironic that the event shall take place in our new Muristan Peace Garden, situated in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. Whilst Billings' lecture will focus on the wars of Jerusalem's past, attendees will be able to observe our new Tree of Hope, which symbolises a wish for peace in this conflicted region. 

The author, Malcom Billings is a writer and broadcast journalist who, through his radio documentaries (including the long-running series, ‘Heritage’), has promoted the study of history and archaeology. His publications include: ‘London: A Companion to its History and Archaeology’ (1994), ‘The English, Making of a Nation from 430-1700’ (1991), and ‘Vartan of Nazareth: Missionary and Pioneer in Palestine’ (2012).

There will be copies of the book for purchase and refreshments will be served. This is a joint event from the Kenyon Institute, St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, and the Educational Bookshop.