Support our London Marathon Runners!


Come down to support our London Marathon Runners this April! Meet the runners below: 

Rob Lawrie

Mr rob
Not many people have a bigger heart than Rob Lawrie!

'Mr Rob' is what he is known to the children of the Calais Refugee Camps, who Rob has been one of the staunchest advocates for. Rob has been tirelessly volunteering for years, including driving supplies to Greece and France many times, to help ease the suffering of those seeking refuge on European shores:

"We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone."

Is 'Mr Rob's favourite thing to say, he is now turning his attention to St John Eye Hospital and will be running the London Marathon in aid of our work this April!

Read more and support Rob by clicking this link.

Power Couple: Lyanna and Gil!

lyanna and gil

Super couple Lyanna and Gil will be running the London Marathon for us this April!

"Gil and I have been running only a short while, but we have a fair number of marathons under our collective belts. While running for medals, swag, and bragging rights is great fun, we came upon an opportunity to make a difference in something larger than ourselves through the sport that we love. Every day we are out there pounding the asphalt, we cannot help but feel fortunate to have our health and access to good medical care. It is hard to imagine what it would be like to live in a country so destabilized by conflict, that basic medical care is hard to come by. Yet, that is the plight many face in the war-torn areas of the world.

When the opportunity to run on behalf of St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group came about, Gil and I joined their charity running team and committed ourselves to run the London Marathon on April 23rd 2017 to benefit the much needed services they provide in the Palestinian Territories."

Support their fundraising efforts here.

Andrew Mallichan

Andrew Mallichan
Australian born, London-based, St John Ambulance Fleet Coordinator runs marathon for St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group!

Andrew, who was in the military before beginning his career at St John, understands the importance of eye care as well as St John Ambulance's links to it's rich history:

"As Fleet Coordinator for St John Ambulance in London I think it's important to remember my charity's roots - which began as a hospital in Jerusalem over 1,000 years ago. Eyes are important, this was brought home to me this year when my brother lost his eye in a freak accident. I don't know what you would do if you did not have access to treatment."

Read his story and support him here.

Leisa Reide. 

London based personal trainer. Read her story here.