Mr. Nawaf Khader, Sawahreh Village, March 2010

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Mr. Nawaf Khader is a 68 year old male patient from the Sawahreh village in the Jerusalem Governorate.  He is a diabetic and hypertensive and underwent bilateral cataract extraction at the St John Eye Hospital Group Jerusalem Hospital in 2008.  Since then, he has required frequent follow-up visits to Jerusalem due to progressive deteriorating vision.

*Mr Khader

However, over the last year, Mr. Khader was refused entry to the city of Jerusalem and was seen by our Outreach Team at the village of Bethany in December 2009.  At that time, he was referred to our Jerusalem Hospital for further treatment but, again, could not get a permit to enter Jerusalem City, even though we had provided him with the necessary, proper paperwork.

*Our certificate for Mr Khader's Jerusalem appointment. 

Sawahreh village used to be considered an extension of Jerusalem.  However, the Separation Wall has totally isolated the village and residents are not allowed to access Jerusalem without permits. Further, the whole area (Sawahreh, Bethany, Abu-deeps) is now also isolated, by different checkpoints and settlements, from the Palestinian cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem.   

In March 2010, Mr. Khader contacted us through our local community organizer in the Sawahreh area, desperately seeking help and advice.  We arranged for him to undergo a minor operation procedure (removal of corneal sutures) at an Outreach clinic in Sawahreh.