Thoughts from our Chief Executive

A day in the life of… Mr. Rod Bull
Friday, 26 February 2010

As we begin a new year at the Hospital Group – and launch a new appeal for your assistance, it seemed like the perfect time to ask our CEO, Mr Rod Bull, to set down for us some of the finer points of a typical day at our Jerusalem Hospital. Here is what he had to say…

“There is no necessity to set an alarm clock – the honour of waking me goes to the Immam of the local Sheikh Jerrah Mosque, who also acts as mysnooze control button and is followed within 15 minutes
or so by the most wonderful Jerusalem morning light streaming though my bedroom curtains. Time to get up!

The first task of the day is to feed my ever demanding cat – I can’t recall my children being as challenging as this lady. Three cups of strong, steamy black coffee are consumed while catching up with the world news courtesy of the BBC. The routine is monotonous, but it works.

It’s Thursday, 21 January. E-mails are the first task of each working day to be addressed and there is never a shortage of messages – both internal and from around the St. John world. Then there is an almost endless number of meetings to attend, some pre-planned, others organised on the hop.

Miss Wendy Franks, Glaucoma Specialist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, has been visiting us and this is her last day. Wendy is duly called upon and thanked for yet another stint as a volunteer, during which she has worked tirelessly in our operating theatre and outpatient clinics around the Group. She is an absolute star.

Next up is a get together with Vitreoretinal Surgeon, Dr Kathrin Greiner, and our new Director of Nursing, Mr. Ahmad Ma’ali. Our meeting is constructive but overruns, which results in my having to dash off to my next meeting – at the local European Union Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) office, located in East Jerusalem – Ahmad in tow once again, as well as our Development & Public Relations Executive in Jerusalem, Mr. George Akroush. We are meeting to finalise a new ECHO contract to the value of €500K – a whopping €150k increase on the sum allocated in 2009. Another positive outcome – a good day, so far! A quick bite to eat is followed by a lengthy external meeting organised by the World Health Organisation with the CEO’s of the other East Jerusalem Hospitals. At the meeting, a representative of Joint Commission International presents details of a 3-year quality assurance project we
are about to embark upon in order to obtain Joint Commission International Accreditation. This will be a prestigious award but will entail a great deal of work at all levels within the Hospital Group. Ahmad, poor chap, once again accompanies me.

By this time, the working day is already at a close and I feel guilty at having taken up the majority of Ahmad’s day. I see the lights on in his office at 8pm and know he is playing catch up – it’s what we do. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be as good.”

Mr Rod Bull