New Doctor in Jerusalem

Dr. Husam Rahal at his desk in Jerusalem.
Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The young and passionate Dr. Husam Rahal is the latest addition to the Medical staff at our Jerusalem Hospital. 

Born to Palestinian refugees in Beirut in 1982, Dr. Husam spent his formative years in Jordan, after a brief spell in Tunisia.  Upon completing his secondary education in Jordan, he left for Turkey in order to study medicine. After a year learning the language, Dr. Husam spent another seven years in Turkey studying at Gazi university in Ankara City, Turkey.  Upon his homecoming to Palestine, he undertook a one year internship at Beit Jala Hospital in the Bethlehem Governorate, while also learning the Hebrew language.

Following a short spell volunteering at the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem, Dr. Husam passed the ‘Medical Council for Ophthalmology’ exam for Junior Doctors. He then successfully sat the entrance exam for the St. John Eye Hospital Group and, on January 5th 2011, he joined the Hospital staff.

Dr. Husam will be busy for the next four years with the Residency programme at the Hospital and his training in ophthalmology. He says, ‘I love ophthalmology. Sight is the most precious gift from God. Looking after this gift is a very noble work. Helping people see better, with their eyes and their minds – this has always been my ambition.’

Husam has spent the last 3 months getting to grips with how the hospital works, the daily routine, the basics of ophthalmology and how to deal with emergencies. He is currently one of the on-call doctors and lives in the doctors’ residence on the hospital campus. 

Husam says, “I knew within two months of working at the Hospital that I was in the right profession.  I am very impressed with the professionalism of St. John staff, from the nurses and doctors to the technicians. I am also impressed with how many patients we see without feeling tired. There is so much energy and power in this place.”

Welcome, Dr. Husam!