Jerusalem Welcomes New Senior Staff Member

Ahmad Ma’ali takes over as Director of Nursing
Friday, 26 February 2010

In our Winter 09 Edition, Jerusalem Scene paid tribute to Jacqueline Jaidy, who retired as Matron at the end of September.

Here, we welcome Mrs. Jaidy’s replacement, Mr. Ahmad Ma’ali, to the role of Director of Nursing for the Hospital Group.

Ahmad Ma’ali first came to our Hospital in Jerusalem as a Practical Nurse Student in 1990. Following the completion of his course, he worked at the Hospital for one year before travelling to the UK to undertake a first Degree in Nursing at Greenwich University. Ahmad very nearly missed out on this key opportunity since, due to the travel restrictions imposed on all Palestinians at the time, he was unable to attend the initial interview at Greenwich.

However, Ahmad was interviewed in Jerusalem by Baroness Emerton (then Dame Audrey Emerton and a member of the Hospital Board). Ahmad, of course, was successful at the interview and completed his nursing studies in London in 1996. Upon his return to Jerusalem, he was appointed a Senior Nurse and worked in the wards, outpatient department and on Outreach.

In 1998, Ahmad went back to London, this time to Moorfields Eye Hospital, in order to undertake a six month Post Graduate course in Specialist Ophthalmic Nursing. When he returned to the Hospital in July, he was
again promoted, this time to Charge Nurse.

At the turn of the millennium, Ahmad joined the Hospital’s new Sir Stephen Miller School of Nursing as a Lecturer Practitioner and then assumed responsibility for leadership of the school, when the senior tutor returned
suddenly to the UK. In 2004 Ahmad completed his Master’s degree in Public Health Management at the Al-Quds Palestinian University in Jerusalem.

Ahmad then continued to work as Director of the School of Nursing, Infection Control Coordinator and Clinical Services Coordinator for nine years until the position of the Director of Nursing became vacant last year. By this time, he felt that he had sufficient management experience and knowledge of the Hospital to apply for the post. After being short-listed and travelling to London to be interviewed, Ahmad was successful in his application and assumed the position of Director of Nursing on 1 October, 2009.

The St John Eye Hospital Group is especially proud of Ahmad Ma’ali as he is the first occupant of a senior position who has risen up through the Group’s own ranks.

Ahmad married his wife Suzan in 1996 and they have four children; Najat 11 years, Hamid 8, Fadi 6 and Zeina 4 years. The family lives in Jenin in the northern West Bank.

We all at Jerusalem Scene hope that Ahmad Ma’ali enjoys a very long and fruitful tenure in his new position.

Written with the kind assistance of Mr Ahmad Ma’ali.