Funding Today

The St. John Family
Friday, 26 February 2010

A colossal thank you goes out to all those of the St John Family who raised funds for us during 2009.

The final league table of supporters is now in and an impressive one it is too! In 2009, the Priory of England donated £400,106, the Priory of the United States gave us £343,560 and the Priory of Scotland, £113,982. The Priories of New Zealand, Canada, Australia and New South Wales and Wales donated, £61,680, £49,157, £27,102 and £25,000 respectively.

The total money brought in through the Priories for 2009 is a whopping £1,020,588!

Total funds raised by the Guild in 2009 amount to £45,117. Thank you to all in the Guild for the wonderful events you organised during the year.


The final quarter of the outgoing year was another successful one in terms of Fundraising for Jerusalem. Our target for 2009 was exceeded and approximately £840,000 was raised, with nine major new donors cultivated.

Currently, the most important element in the Jerusalem fundraising strategy is Corporate Funding. This concept is only now being developed as part of the social responsibility programmes of many Palestinian Corporations. The St. John Eye Hospital Group, being the leading eye care provider in the OPT, was in a very good position to partner with many important Corporations in 2009: the Palestinian Telecommunication Group, the Arab Bank, the Holy Land Insurance Agency and the Nobel Company to name but a few.

On the 19th of December 2009, the Jerusalem Hospital initiated a national campaign in the OPT to save and improve the “Gift of Sight” of impoverished children under 12 years. Many dignitaries from the
local community attended the charitable dinner to launch the campaign and many corporations expressed their interest in supporting the Group’s goal of reaching out to 30,000 children and performing 500 sight-saving operations in 2010.

We also received USAID and MAP–UK approvals on our $90,000 (£56,600) and £75,500 applications respectively.

Further, our existing partnerships with ECHO, Salam Ya Seghar, the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development – Kuwait, the World Health Organization, the Italian Cooperation, Australian Aid, the Japanese epresentative Office in Ramallah, Bible Lands, Care International, CBM, the European Commission, the Peres Centre for Peace and the Belgian Technical Cooperation all continued. We are grateful to them all.


In London, too, our fundraisers exceeded their targets for the year bringing in a wonderful £1,506,390 in total.

Thank you to all of the Trusts, Foundations, individuals and institutions who contributed so generously.

Our London office – which houses the London Executive and the Fundraising and Marketing Department – also moved to its new premises in Charterhouse Mews (please see contact details on page 8 for our new address.)

However, the last quarter of 2009 was marred by the news of the death of one of the Hospital Group’s staunchest UK backers, Mr Robin Cadbury.

The Cadbury family had long been enormous supporters of our work, both through their charitable foundations and Mrs Jayne Cadbury’s association with the Ladies Guild as both member and Chairman.

In Mrs Cadbury’s own words, ‘In 1990 Robin and I went on the very first tour of Jordon and the Holy Land led by the then Order Hospitaller. At the end of this fascinating holiday we visited the Eye Hospital and were both so very impressed with the wonderful work being carried out there.

Robin visited three times in all over the next 14 years and very much enjoyed sponsoring some of the staff at the Hospital’.

Even after his death Mr Cadbury continued his support, with a staggering £5,664 raised in his memory from friends and family. Mrs Cadbury explained why the family chose the Eye Hospital Group to receive the In Memory donations, “Very soon after Robin died my family and I were all arranging a service to celebrate his life and we thought it a good idea to give all his friends and family and past colleagues the opportunity to remember him by giving to his favorite charity.

About 2 years ago Mark, our younger son, had devised 100 questions he wished to ask his father about his life and one of the questions was, “which is your favorite charity?” Without hesitation came back “The St. John Eye Hospital”.

“All the family and I are overwhelmed with the generosity of so very many friends who have given to the Eye Hospital in beloved Robin’s memory. I would like to express my enormous thanks to them and for the lovely letters that the Hospital’s London staff wrote to all who sent money”.

Mr Robin Cadbury, a Commander of the Order of St John, died on 29 October 2009.