Funding News!

Young boy at our Jerusalem Hospital (courtesy Nick Astbury)
Tuesday, 11 October 2011
The St. John Family

So far this year – as of 31 August – the St John Family of Priories has raised a total of £559,082 ($894,522). 

The league table of individual country total contributions stands thus:  the Priory of England has donated £147,572, the Priory of New Zealand £126,016, the Priory of the United States £123,487, the Priory of Scotland £105,948, the Priory of Wales £25,000, the Priory of Canada £20,335 and the Priory of Australia and New South Wales £10,723.

On behalf of all of our patients and sponsored staff, Jerusalem Scene extends the warmest of thankyous to all at the Priories throughout the world who help make our work possible. 

Jerusalem Scene owes a further huge debt of gratitude to New Zealand, who distribute the electronic version of the periodical to their Hospitaller Support Co-ordinators who, in turn, pass either hard or electronic copies on to their regions nationwide.  17,000 people in New Zealand now see a copy of every edition of Jerusalem Scene.  Hello and thank you, New Zealand!


Following the loss of our European Commission grant in July, we are happy to announce that the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development – through the Spanish Cooperation office in Jerusalem – has recently pledged a grant of €230,000 (£202,000) towards the Mobile Outreach Project.

Thanks to the Spanish award, as well as to other contributors, the most isolated and vulnerable patients in the West Bank will continue to benefit from the Hospital Group’s mobile primary eye care services.  It is worth reiterating that St. John Eye Hospital Group is the only provider of outreach eye care, through which we visit the most at risk localities where eye care is either prohibitively expensive or unavailable.

We are glad that we have been given the opportunity to work in partnership with the Spanish Cooperation office for the benefit of Palestinian People.  We thank the Spanish people and hope to continue this partnership for many years to come.

A fundraising event in support of our work with cataract patients will take place on the 17th of December 2011 at the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem.

We are approaching the OPT private sector and individuals to sponsor the event.  We will provide an update on this event in due course. 

David Dahdal
Fundraising Manager, Jerusalem


The vision of the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is to play an even greater role in the OPT as the Group further develops as a centre of excellence in local eye care and ophthalmic teaching/training. 

To achieve our ambitions, we must fund the relocation and expansion of our Gaza Clinic, establish a Screening Programme for Diabetic Retinopathy, increase the number of people who could have their sight restored through cataract surgery, build local capacity through training more local doctors and nurses,  launch a £1m annual Patient Relief Fund and create an organisational Stability Fund.  In addition to our annual fundraising work we must raise £15m over the forthcoming three years to achieve this vision. 

With Board approval we have commissioned UK based charity fundraising and management consultants, Action Planning, to assist us in this ambitious project.  The Action Planning team is currently assessing the potential for our charity to conduct a multi-million pound revenue, capital and endowment campaign and to develop an appropriate strategy.  We will provide our readers with an update on this work in the Spring 2012 edition of Jerusalem Scene

In the meantime, total income raised so far this year in London stands at a whopping £1,123,909 ($1,796,365). 

Income from Trusts and Foundations stands at £650,916, with recent awards coming from the Swiss Fondation Pro Victimis towards our Outreach programme and long term friends of the Hospital Group, The Edwina Mountbatten and Leonora Children's Foundation. 

We must acknowledge, once again, the proven and invaluable loyalty to our work of Sir John Swire and all at The John Swire 1989 Charitable Trust. 

Thanks also go to another – and new – supporter from Switzerland, The SYMPHASIS Charitable Foundation, who have made a generous contribution towards our work with women. 

Thank you to regular corporate supporters Consolidated Contractors Company, who now give £20,000 annually towards the salary of Financial Controller, Ghassan Isaac. 

We are very grateful to the late Florence Emily Meredith and her late daughter Myra Rubina Meredith for the generous gifts they made in their wills. We have been receiving these gifts since 2005 and have recently received the latest instalment totalling £88,910.

Through these gifts, the Meredith family has made a vital difference to the lives of the Palestinian people, for which we are eternally grateful.

By remembering SJEHG in your Will, you can ensure that we save the sight of more and more people in the occupied Palestinian territory. 

A final thank you goes to the Lady Hospitallers Club for their generous donation towards our Children in Need Fund.

On behalf of everyone associated with The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, we extend our warmest gratitude to all of our friends, supporters and funders.